new game…..a dilemma

oh yeah, and I got my screenshot taken with a unicorn..wheehee.. (see ‘ fate screenshots’  if you seriously want to see, which I doubt)
And….I’ll be turning the current Gargoyle pet into a Dire Unicorn permanently pretty soon….uhuh..yeah..pretty cool huh :S
Unfortunatly though….the stupid dire unicorn looks pretty butt-ugly…so I haven’t done it’s more powerfull than the gargoyle and all, but I just can’t get over how ugly it is
(I’ll get the screenshots on the space’ll see for really is oogly!)
Plus, the gargoyle is kinda cute, is wiggles around a lot and makes funny noises. I just love how it kind of idles around a bit en stands there all sweet and hunched next to me when I’m fishing ( this game has fishing in it..didn’t I tell you?....*casual whistling*..)
So anyway that’s the big dillema of the day. Exept for the report I’m supposed to be mean..nope the gargoyle/unicorn thing is definatly the biggest dillema 🙂 .
So anyone willing to help with this earth-shattering problem, please feel free to leave a message.
see ya ,
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2 Responses to new game…..a dilemma

  1. Margriet says:

    Hoi Sien,u\’r absolutely right, the unicorn is butt-ugly. But please don\’t hate me when I say: so is the gargoyle. The tiger does look cool though, maybe you should stick with him ( And call him Muffincake?)HuggggggggggzzzzzzzYa Sistah

  2. Unknown says:

    Heey Josien!Thnx voor je berichtje op mijn space!FATE ziet er echtwel cool uit! Ik zal m ook eens checken binnenkort. Die grote letters op mijn space heb ik met HTML gedaan, dan kan je de font grootte, kleur en lettertype zelf instellen, zo heb je veel meer keuze dan als je die standaards neemt. Ik zal "The order of the stick" eens gaan lezen, D&D is ook wel mijn ding, dus dat moet geen probleem zijn. ;)Groetjes Anja.

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