dilemma ..part deux

I did it..
Well, actually I turned it into a Dire Unicorn for you guys to see..and then..aaaargh I pressed the ‘save’ button.
Oh well, it’s probably better this way anyway. But if you look at the screenshots I made of the bloody thing…I mean..what’s up with the bulgy green LED-like kind of eyes? And why does it have a sickly PURPLE colour? Aren’t unicorns supposed to have lovely long-lashy eyes? With sparkles and stuff? I know it’s a ‘Dire’ unicorn, especially designed for beating the crap out of people/evilies but that doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty!!
For those of you just tuning in..yes I am complaining about my new powerfull bad-ass pet not being pretty enough.
Yes, exactly..that probably means I’m a girl… Glad you’re catching on…
But..COME on! It’s a UNICORN…it’s SUPPOSED to be goodlooking, and well..not purple in my opinion..especially if you’re going to have bulgy green specks for eyes
..oh well…
..I caught a fish for turning it back into a gargoyle…
..yes..never mind it’s a fish…and that I did spent hours FISHING on my pc..
..maybe I should put it to an online vote..
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