On an entirely different note…wtf??

Okay, I was stuck writing my report and just wanted to know if anyone else was stuck
So what do you do.?
Right..you google the word ‘stuck’..right?
…well yes..I do know know you could also go for a walk…
..yes yes, allright..point is..I googled for ‘stuck’
And the FIRST hit..is this webpage:  http://www.carstuckgirls.com/
What’s up with that??
It’s a site of these german guys who take pictures of girls being stuck with their car, they even made movies!!
You can have these movies mailed to you!
So there’s a bunch of guys out there getting..I suppose… aroused or something…
by women having car trouble?!
Whooh  some of these movies have  ‘lots of pedal-pumping!’
And they actually mean pedal-pumping!! You know, jumping up and down on your pedals cursing,  trying to get your car to move.
But wait, some of these girls do it ‘barefoot’ with actual ‘mud’ on their feet…There you go
Wow, that is one specific fetish..
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One Response to On an entirely different note…wtf??

  1. Unknown says:

    Hahaha, wat een suffe site!! 😛

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