So I went to Noorderzon…With a bag’obeer..
We had soo much fun. Oh yeah and we broke the inflatable pointy thingie ….That just doesn’t happend to anyone else does it?
But it was fun. lots of free theatershows and bands..and beer..did I mention the beer?
But you should definatly check out the pictures…that carrousel was amazing! Like something out of a french scary inventors movie or something. Mesmerizing..wonderous..just breathtaking.
Oh yeah..and gues what..that broke too while we were watching it…..(..more casual whistling)
After everything in the noorderplantsoen sorta died down we went to one of Mauritses friend’s house for…I’m not exactly sure what for, but it was fun and I got my picture taken with a sword and a helmet the guy made. Pretty cool execpt for the picture being taken form a low perspective making my second chin the star of the picture…and that embarrased smile is not exactly menacing either…oh well
So I’m off to Hilversum this weekend, so expect pictures from Hilversum on air on this webspace soon..
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One Response to Noorderzon

  1. Unknown says:

    Wow! Net even alle foto\’s bekeken. Dat is geen flaterende foto van Eric! 😛

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