OMG! The natural bridge collapsed!!

It’s true!
The end of an era..unbelievable!!
For hundreds of years the Natural bridge had been a symbol of Aruba, and a popular tourist attraction. Whenever you walked on it you had the feeling…you know..this thing could go down any minute..and then you’d think..nah, that’s impossible, the natural bridge is rock solid and will surely not collapse from under your feet, it’s just not that kind of bridge..
And now it finally happend..not unlogically of course, if the lower side can be carved out by the sea, why not the rest of it?
Still, it is shocking, and even I find myself saddend by the loss of our trusty bridge…
On a more sarcastic note, my uncle already suggested that that’s were Natlee Hollowaywill turn up next, right under the natural bridge. And then we can all sit back and watch a bunch of crazy Texans rummaging through the ex-bridge..hey, we might even get them to glue it back together!
I mean, if they pumped the bubali plas empty, who knows what they’ll do.
Anyways, This is a sad day for Aruban history, short as it may be.
There have been suggestions of reconstructions or even buiding a regular bridge where the NB used to crazy is that? I think we should get the old NB a statue to remember it by..yeah..Donations are welcome!
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One Response to OMG! The natural bridge collapsed!!

  1. Annemarie says:

    Hmmm….Zeggen dat Natalee Holloway onder de gebroken natural bridge ligt is nooit grappig.

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