Yeah..that’s great..

So I finally got to see my boss about the report I turned in..
He complimented me on my English…Not that my English is that’s just that his sucks REALLY bad..I mean, the man had two weeks to read the damn thing and he’d only read half of it!! He figured that he’d read the other half when I turned in the second version..SERIOUSLY!
…oh well..he sucks..bastard..
Anyways, I’m going to be working on version two pretty soon ..probably tomorrow…yeah..something like that..:)
And I’ve been messing around with the space layout, so if you can’t find stuff, blame me.
..oh wait..I gues you’d be doing that anyway, huh?..Don’t deny know I can see you from here..
…yes I can…..didn’t know that did you?…
…. Whoahahah and similar evil laughter….really evil-like sounding etcetera….
On a more celestial note..go talk to God, He’s fun, and He comes in Caddillac pink or Celestial blue..
And if you get Bored With God (I think that’s actually a division of the Young Protestants), check out the other items on the ‘Fun Stuff’ list.
Oh, yeah…and you know what else your glasses a hundred times and then finding out the stain is in fact on your monitor…
happy days..
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One Response to Yeah..that’s great..

  1. Unknown says:

    Agh!!!! God is also talking about the mysterious Milk Mystic!Another online entity also talks about him.

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