Phil rant

I heard from several friends that Dr Phil had said something about visiting Aruba. Advising against it or something..I wasn’t sure.

So just now I remembered that while surfing, and decided to check it out.

And it’s true..Jezus Christ I expected a little more from this man

Yes I do enjoy watching Dr Phil. Explaining why it’s not really a good idea to get married when you just met and are still actually dating your cousin, why it..jee golly..has effects on your kid when you reward bad behavior and that credit card companies aren’t really giving you free money just for being such a swell person.

All well and good, although I wouldn’t want to be in his family. He seems to me to be a very controlling man, who likes things his way and does not appreciate anyone having an opposite opinion. I mean anyone who’s ever looked into the maniacal eyes of his son Jay, must at least suspect that Dr Dad isn’t always the easygoing, okey-dokey guy he is on screen.

But my biggest problem is with some of those not-so-wholesome redneck values he chooses to flaunt. He has been offering tips on his website ‘how to explain your kids about how the war on Irak is okay’ and now he’s actually telling the American public that changing their vacationing destiny will bring Natlee Holloway back!

Point one: Aruban officials are doing what they can, believe me. They have a serious grudge against any Dutchman, especially those in high places. I’m sorry, they’re just not that efficient. Impoverishing them by boycotting tourism isn’t going to help anything.

Point two: Hello? Excuse me? Er..lets have a look at America..where practically every day a girl goes missing, and no one even bothers to go look for her, especially if she’s black. Hell, the police will probably give you a hand if she’s giving you any trouble.. And then there’s Aruba. The crime rate in respect to murders and disappearing is so bloody extremely low that some girl, probably most girls, decided it was safe to get drugged of her ass and get in the car with some guys she never met. Try that in New York or Arkansas, same result, but much less fuss, because Hey, ..on Aruba it is actually unusual for bad stuff to happen to you.

It just blows my mind. ‘Hit them in their pocketbooks’ he says. Yay! Money solves everything, we’ve tried throwing money at it and that didn’t work, so impoverishing people should do the trick! And then there’s a bunch of baloney where Natlees mom says she’d seen Joran’s statement that he had sex with Natlee and Phil expresses his amazement that Joran was set free.. know what?..In other parts of the world,..having sex is actually not a crime!..figure that. Amazing huh?

oh well

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3 Responses to Phil rant

  1. Sue N. says:

    What other country has a law suit against Dr. Phil that is being financed by their tourism industry? A suit that has been dragging on forever because of the stalling of Aruba. It is suppose to be Deepak and Satish sueing Dr. Phil, but we all know they don’t have that kind of money to drag it out this long. Dr. Phil is ready to go to trial. Come on Aruba, lets go.

  2. Josien says:

    Your outrage is understandable, but even if the lawsuit is unjust, it is nothing more than a reaction to an overreaction. Consider the following scenario:

    My cat takes to wandering around in your street and gets run over by someones car, no one knows who. This is sad, but if I key your car in my grief, you would still sue me, right?

    Also, I doubt being nasty to any Aruban or Dutchman will bring Natalee back.

  3. Sue N. says:

    Why do you make the distinsion between an Aruban and a Dutchman. Aren’t all Arubans Dutch citizens? Everyone knows Aruba is run by Ahata and the rest of the tourism industry, and they sure didn’t want a tourist killed on their island, so cover it up.

    The difference between the US and Aruba is that when we have missing children, yes Natalee was a child, we do look for them and if ,heaven forbid, someone kills them, we make sure that person pays for it. Sometimes even the death penalty, or life in prison without parole.

    How many drownings of tourist have you had lately, how many robberies? I can not imagine a beach in the US without a lifeguard .

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