No way around it..autumn has officially started..
The first hint we get is the smell of the so called ‘beets campaign’ (bietencampange)..a most extraordinary olfactory experience..The smell from the sugar factory processing the first beets of the land covers the city in a sweet green earthy smell that instantly invokes images and thoughts of the cold, dark holiday time. Candles lit at six, tea, cookies, hot cocoa (with rum! whee!) the exciting Sinterklaas time and going up to the attic to fetch the christmas-decorations for your very own christmas tree in your very own house..
It is also a very melancolic smell, especially mixed with the smell of dead leaves, cold, rain, hail and wet coats..brrr..
And now the leaves are turning all sorts of colors (check out the autumn photo’s of 1-10!)  and it gets dark at six instead of at ten…yep..autumn has started..I already bought cookies and gluwein (and some booze for the hot cocoa)..and I’m bracing myself..let’s hope we get trough this..:)
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