Easy Caramel

So..I decided to add a recipes-section to the space..Hope you like it..:)
I tried to get everything worked into categories, but that didn’t entirely turn out the way I wanted..
Yes..well….there is an empty category of ‘food and drink’ right now..I just can’t find out how to delete it from the list..stupid huh? Anyways..here’s the recipe..mind-numbingly simple..but very enjoyable nonetheless..
Oh yeah..and any spilt drops of caramel can be easily cleaned up by putting a wet cloth over them (the caramel still has some properties of sugar, and thus dissolves in water) I found that out the hard way..
Easy Caramel (wherter -like) 
This recipe can be used for making a great ice-cream topping, plain hard candy (when you run out of candy on a sunday) and..my favourite..caramel popcorn!!
Ready? It’s really simple..
have ready before you start: a knob of butter, salt, and the container in/on which you want te caramel to go (so..al large stretch of aluminum foil if you’re making icecream topping or candy and the popped corn if you’re making caramel popcorn)
1. First..put simple (caster) sugar in a small saucepan
              (any sugar will do, but white sugar is easier, because the color-change is more apparent than in brown sugar or cane sugar)
2. Add a small amount of water,  (this is not imperative, but does make life a lot easier)
            just enough to have all the sugar wet, adding too much water is not a problem, it will only make the cooking process a little longer because all the water you put in, has to evaporate.
3. Turn the heat up high, the water/sugar mixture will start bubbling, stir occasionally.
4. When the mixture is slightly coloring toss in the butter (you could also use double cream) end stir vigorously, add a pinch of salt.
5. Keep stirring until the mixture has the color you prefer (don’t let it go all the way to a dark brown)
6. Immediatly take the saucepan off the heat and pour it unto the aluminum foil or popcorn
-Lifting one side of the foil, running the caramel to the other side, and then back will shape it into a long thin layer which can be easily broken into sprinkles for over your icecream.
-When you have poured the caramel over the popcorn, cover the bowl containing the popcorn with a plate and shake to mix the caramel with the popcorn. (for cracker jacks,add roasted peanuts to your popcorn before covering it in caramel)
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