Yay! my space is on yahoo search!

Yes it’s true.. from the many hits every day..some are coming straight from a search engine!
Me proud…

At least I was, until I saw the keywords searched on..one was ‘natural
bridge collapsed’..another was..’christmas tree images’..but I’ve had
over 5 hits from people looking for the words ‘aroused women pedal
pumping’  or any combination of these words…

That basically means a lot of people come to my space to get utterly
dissapointed (in the christmas tree case) and ridiculed (in the pedal
pumping case) which is not what I started this space for…but it’s a
nice bonus..

No, seriously..for all those guys (and girls??)  out there I have
mortally insulted..each to his own..I believe each should be free to
have his own sexual preferences as long as you don’t hurt anyone who
doesn’t want you to hurt them. And your fetish seems harmless
enough..practical even, whenever one of us gals is having car
trouble..we’ll know that there’s someone out there who will always take
an interest..:)

Oh and..I added a new addicitve game to the ‘addictive game’-list
(where else?) ..’Labyrinth’…really cool…and doesn’t have anything
to do with David Bowie whatsoever..:)

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