Finished Indonesia captions..and my report!

Finally I finished the Indonesia captions!!
Also I finished the second version of my report yesterday night!
Double hurray for me!
yay! and we’ll be going on vacation soon..and to cut costs we’re taking a ‘leave tomorrow’ last minute..which means..I don’t know where the heck we’re going! Today we saw on option for going to Gambia..but it could just as well be Greece, Spain, ..(not considering Turkey an option though..I dont like being blown up that much).Tunesia, Mexico…who knows..I hate that..I like to plan stuff months if not years in advance..oh well..
Go see the Indonesia pictures..with new never before shown pictures..wheehee!
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One Response to Finished Indonesia captions..and my report!

  1. Bonnie says:

    heeeeel veel plezier op je vakantie. Als je naar Gambia gaat word ik vet jaloers, dus als je dat wil riskeren moet je dat vooral doen!! 😉 dikke kussens, Bonnie

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