Hey you guys,

So I’m flying to bleeping Mexico…yeah Mexico..don’t
ask, I’m as flabbergasted as you are. Long story short..we were looking
for lastminutes to someplace warm and this came up as the most
inexpensive option exculding being blown up or planecrashed or
both..whoohoo to us. I am mind-wreckingly nervous as usual,
because….well..I’m not sure…see, I love taking’s just
the traveling I don’t like….not the flying per se…just generally
travelling..oh yes and the early hours these planes insist on leaving

Anyways, I wanted to leave you with a nice illustration of how
incredibly thick I am. Last tuesday evening I was on the train from
Amersfoort to Groningen (heading back from seeing my best pal Jose in
A’dam) and I was sitting opposite this young man with a guitarcase. I
happend to like people carrying guitarcases, so I asked him if he was
playing tonight and where he would be playing and so on. As far as I
knew I was just making conversation on a long boring trainride..The guy
was from Amsterdam and was actually playing that same night at ‘de
spiegel’ my favorite music cafe, he would be staying the night at a
friends house and then play some more gigs the following day. Mighty
interesting all I kept on making friendly conversation. At one
point he says: ‘ Gee, I sure hope my friend is home, or I’ll have
nowhere to sleep’. I absolutely agreed, being on the street at night
with nowhere to sleep, terrible. As the conversation went on he kept
mentioning his doubts about his friend being home, until at one point I
thought ‘gosh, that’s stupid, coming here all the way from Amsterdam
and not making sure you have a place to sleep’.Which was of course
exactly what he was trying to do.I was absolutely oblivious. Looking
back, I really wonder what the the other people in the train must have
thought, must have been something like: ‘Either she’s being really
subtle or really not getting it’. Well I was really not getting it.
Actually I only got it hours later lying in bed, thinking about the know..the kind of..’Aaahh’-moment that usually coincides with
slapping yourself on the head fairly hard….

And then I realised how utterly stupid, (or really cool, not sure) I
must have looked when I showed him the way out of the staion saying ‘
well I sure hope your friend is home, have a good gig!’.

See? that’s having a relationship for six years does to you! You know I
even considered actually telling him he could sleep at my place, just
because I thought he was in trouble!

Well I’m off to greener pastures..well to warmer pastures
anyway….come to think of it..there’s probably no pastures there..more
like beaches…I’ll try to blog while I’m there but don’t hold your
breath..I am also planning to do a whole lot of relaxing, you see?

I leave you with a link to an episode of Bigger than Cheeses where
stickman has a lovely rant on the discussion of Inteligent Design, very
nice, couldn’t agree more..:)

I’ll be back the 2nd of November with a full report on Cancun..

Adios Amigos!

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