Alive and kicking


So right after I published the blog, the people at the hotel were talking of evacuating.
…that’s can’t imagine how much I have been thinking about
that blog….and about the effect it would have on people watching
Wilma, class 5 heading straight for Cancun..sorry about that folks..

We were evacuated on thursday morning to a 5-star resort in Tulum,
where we were housed in spacious rooms with bath, minibar and not
unimportant, stormshutters.
Long story short..48 hours in the dark, with the wind tugging on the
door and shutters, the rain coming under the door and for some reason,
the bathroom lights leaking furiously.Good thing we brought the
flashlight, did I mention I read four books this short vacation?

Anyways, you’ll get the entire story soon, complete with pictures and
such. For now, we were touched by your concerns for silly little us.

We are all right, and we’re going to have a drink now

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2 Responses to Alive and kicking

  1. Unknown says:

    Phew! En een wel verdiende borrel zou ik zo denken!

  2. Jan-Chris says:

    Blij! Dat is een goed bericht. Ik dacht wel dat jullie er het beste van zouden maken, maar ben achteraf toch blij dat jullie lekker geëvacueerd waren. Volgens mij was het sowieso geen pretje. Hoe ver waren jullie weg geëvacueerd? Hadden jullie TV?

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