Report on my first day of work..


Yesterday was my first day at my new research project. It all looks a lot better than my previous spot. My first day and they give me coffee, a door pass and a working station…with a computer(!!).. in the same office my supervising researcher works in!..bloody amazing. It’s like they actually want me there..I got to meet everyone who was even remotely working in our field. And I was introduced to my future collegues..the Furry Ones..Jeezz..those guys are big. I was expecting something in the vole/mouse area in size..(which is about the size of a middle finger)..boy was I wrong..these things are the size of a small cat! Still, I look forward to learning to work with them..even if that means I eventually have to kill them..not all of them by the way..the biggest ones are going to be trained (to be killing machines) instead of sliced.. lunch I bumped into an old friend who also works in our department..I hadn’t seen him in a while, and we had this big long chat..mostly about horses..since he owns several of them..but somewhere in the conversation, my new supervising reseacher comes up. My friend goes: ‘If he isn’t any good, you should tell the head of the department right away’’He’s not even a real biologist, he’s a psychologist’. I was like, …okay….where’d that come from? And changed the subject. When I got back to the office, my supervisor is waiting for me.. just my best friend in the behavioral physiology department is my supervisors arch-nemesis…great…So I told my supervisor that I make my own opinions about people, and that if I had a problem, he’d be the first one to hear it, and only  if he would be nasty about it, I’d consider going to the head of the department..but I’d probably kick him first…he looked relieved..:)


Also yesterday I did my first solo at my singing course. Yay! I was nervous as hell. It was this romantic composition by Schumann. which means…it was in German…and we all know how great my German is..As soon as I had volunteered I regretted it…instant sweaty palms..heart racing…uncontrollable trembling….gosh even as I write this the jitters come back. But I did it..trembling and sweating and all..and it went well!! I even got complimented on it after class by this really law-studenty-looking girl..she wouldn’t lie..would she? The guy teaching the course didn’t really comment..but then again..when someone is singing like a strangled cat…he doesn’t comment maybe he’s just being consistent..


Oh..and I almost forgot! Yesterday Rose-anne came up to me and said: ‘Hey, I really liked your solo…and, oh’re riding in the Sinterklaas parade’. The riding club had called her that they had too many cancellations, and they needed people fast…she instantly said she’d be there..and that I’d be there as well.. She knows me well enough to know I would want to ride in that parade with two broken legs and a hernia. It is the coolest thing to do. All dressed up in a nobleman’s outfit..complete with an EIM (Enormously Itchy Moustache)..riding a big horse though the streets of Groningen, being on the main boat (the one Sinterklaas is on) and escorting the Sint-man  himself to the town hall…where he climbs the stairs of the town hall under the protection of our drawn swords (real swords!! With which rose-anne and I have fierce swordfights on the boat).

I am very much looking forward to it..Sinterklaas time is the best time of  the year..oh..I just remembered something that happened the last time I was on the boat with Sinterklaas..a 18 year old boy who was a  Head-Piet came on to me.said he wanted to kiss me..which was a great ego-boost..since I was not only older than he was, but also covered in strange orange make-up..bloated from having my period..and…wearing a great big moustache! Some days you just have it all..


Oh wel..I’m gonna get back to reading an enormous heap of literature…If I’m not back in two days send in a rescue team and a saint-bernard (preferably carrying whiskey)..:)


(PS: I don’t know what happened to the fonts..but I can’t change it :S)

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2 Responses to Report on my first day of work..

  1. Unknown says:

    Tof! Wanneer is de intocht?En heb je mijn webspace al gezien? Is prive dus je moet ingelogd zijn. De halloween foto\’s staan daar 🙂

  2. Flora says:

    kijk, onze opvoeding heeft jou een rotsvast geloof in de Heiligman Sinterklaas bezorgd ,
    Dat lees ik hier helemaal terug, heerlijk leve Sinterklaas hij leeft!
    Net als Jesus zeg maar, geloof is een mooi ding.

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