Yay..I am found!!



I was finally found!! For the first time ever my space was referred to by yahoo search without keywords including weird foot-fetishes or cars! This time someone was actually looking for me…well someone with my name anyway. Whoohoo..thank you whoever you are.. for searching for ‘josien with glasses’ on yahoo search. You were probably looking fro the girl in the first two hits on some person called Micha’s page on Fotski.com, whatever that is, but still…


Anyways, I got to handle the rats by myself today. As soon as my supervising researcher left I made a big booboo. I thought I’d take the lid off the cage so I could get a better angle to catch the rat. Bad move. That thing was out of there in one jump. Oh my God I was freaked. I ran for the door to prevent the rat from getting out. When I turned back I couldn’t see where it was. For a moment I panicked..it had gotten out! Turns out it was hanging behind the back of the table. When it fell on the floor I grabbed for it. Imagine, a dark room, with only a small red light, and me grabbing into a dark corner under the table, grabbing for a big brown rat. Oh well..I guess there are worse jobs in the world..:)


Tomorrow I will be cutting up leftover rat-brains for practice. There’s 14 of them, so afterwards I’ll be able to take out a hippocampus in no-time. Wheehee..nice skill for you resume ‘good at cutting up brains’. Especially if you’re applying for an office managers position…heheh…


So I’ll be going on with my reading now…..soon..soon..I will know……..EVERYTHING……Muhahahah

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