Ladies..Check it out

With heap big thanks to:….well… you know who you are  !
This wonderful link:
You might recognize the conversation topics if you have spent an evening drinking to much wine with me…Then might not remember anything about those evenings..
Anyways..Really nice serious site, an absolute recommendable for the emotionally mature woman.(that means you don’t go:’huhuhuhuh’ whenever someone says the word ‘penis’, unless you’re drunk..)
Ok, I’m off again.., come along, Blinkin’..We have  much to do en less time to do it in….
Coming soon: The whole story on my adventures in the basement, including the one that almost got me locked in there. Why I think someone up there likes to mess with my opinion on animal testing. And what happened on the Night Without Broccoli…. stay tuned..
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One Response to Ladies..Check it out

  1. Unknown says:

    Hmmm… we moeten nodig weer eens bijpraten… Night without broccoli…. klinkt spannend

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