Adventures in The Basement, Broccoli Related Occurences..oh yes..and Llama’s

Luctor et emergo…After all these weeks of working like a maniac…


I emerge…victorious!


I have escaped from the Dungeons, (aka the basement of the Biology Faculty), I withstood the terror of the sirens ( singing class performance) and slain the dragon (also known as: my former internship supervisor). Huzzah!


Well..the basement thing kind of was my own fault. I went down there at 14:00 to do an experiment that took a little longer than expected. And at 19:00 all the doors in the building get locked automatically, and they can only be opened with the doorpass you left in your coat sitting in your office two floors from the floor you are on. There is a phone in the basement, but it doesn’t go out of the building and everyone I could think of to call had already gone home. So without the card, and without anyone coming in to rescue me, I had pretty slim chances of getting out of the building or off the premises for that matter! Fortunately my frantic running around paid off and I found someone who could open some doors for me so I could get to my doorpass so I didn’t have to spend the night down there..


And the singing class performance wasn’t that bad. I mean, yes, there were some performances that really required the administration of broccoli to the audience, and I don’t mean orally… But then again I should really cut it out with my neurotic professionalism, for God’s sake, it’s a class! And the audience consisted solely of parents and loved ones anyway.. These are the people who, as Rose-Anne puts it, would still applaud you if you were just picking your nose up there.

Well, we didn’t pick our noses, and some of us gave very some very reasonable performances. I even got an extra compliment and a kiss on my hand from the teacher, ………….ieuhw..


The dragon, however, was not so easy to slay..

The day I had my end-presentation and final handing in of my report started out with a lovely flat tire.

Which is why I had to take the bus, which is why I was in a hurry, and which is why I crossed the train crossing before the red lights had gone out, alright!. I know that train crossing, I come there every day! The train had already passed, there were no trains coming from either side and there where no trains dropping from the sky. But when I reached the other side of the crossing there where three cops waiting for me. I got a ticket for speeding..on foot…and I missed my bus.

I got there ten minutes late and had to give my presentation, which I had prepared in English, in Dutch. yay.. But I managed, somehow…

I ended up getting a 7,5 for my presentation, a 7,5 for my report and a whopping 8 for my practical work. And now….I am FREE..rid of those people and that place forever!….oh yeah and my supervisor kissed me goodbye on my cheeks…three kisses…good Dutch custom…..bllah..


Oh well…it is all over now…I even have a small vacation…(of course I have to check the animals two times a week)….and of tradition dictates….I get my hair cut by a moron andt then I get sick….and so did Casper.

So we missed out on a big family dinner I had been looking out to for months…


And then, for Boxing day, Casper had to be rushed to the dentist to have a root-canal treatment in one of his molars….and so this is Christmas..and what have you done..

At times like is always good to seek the guidance of a wise one…I therefore leave you with the teachings of the naked dancing llama..


Check it out:


PS: Hope you like the new music add-ons, and the very lame intro movie, look at my hair!! That proves it!




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2 Responses to Adventures in The Basement, Broccoli Related Occurences..oh yes..and Llama’s

  1. Unknown says:

    Aha! Het geheim van de broccoli onthult!En een boete voor te hard lopen? Geez….

  2. Unknown says:

    Trouwens: wat een enorme bos krullend haar in dat filmpje!!

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