Sausage? Sausage?!


Blogging again, yes..long time no bloggy..but then again…long time no havy timey…Anyways, I’ve been busy…learning things..wheehee!! I am now more or less able to do a acceptable brain punching..which is not as violent as it sounds….it means taking out the most important brain structures out of fresh brain ..uhuh ..yup…Fresh….Brain….I’m speaking Zombie now….


Thank God there was a reception that day so I could get a couple of beers in before doing the decapitation…the crushing the spine with the guillotine lever really isn’t my favorite part…secure the head….put your weight into it….and try to close your ears to the horrible crushing sound…then run away with the head as fast as you can to avoid seeing the twitching of The Headless Rat In The Sink….Sometimes I think this is harder on researchers than on the animals…

But it got really creepy when I was working on this head, trying to peel away the skull as fast and as neat as possible when all of a sudden the jaw-muscles started moving of their own accord!!  The damn thing was trying to bite me! Can’t say I blame him though…But it totally freaked me out…and I had to keep holding it to get the brain out fast enough…oh well…I guess it’s the risk that comes with the job, being totally freaked out once in a while….proves you’re sane….doesn’t it?…doesn’t it?…well…I hope it does, I need something to tip that scale….


By the way did you know you have a sausage in your head? Two of them actually…The hippocampus…a part of your brain you need for learning, looks very distinctly like a sausage imbedded in your greater brain lobes, one on each side ….if it’s taken out properly that is…it looked like mashed potatoes the first few times I tried to take it out…


Now I’m devoting my time to a practice called ‘homogenizing’, which is a posh word for ‘whisking little brain structures into a liquid with a miniscule electric masher-upper thingy, really carefully’ nice eh? Worth every penny of  that college fee…


Anyways..enough gore-talk….sorry, can’t seem to help myself…and people have a habit on walking away when I start talking about this in person….I wonder why that is…hmmm


It is my humble opinion that it’s been more than enough with this winter-business….Who invented it anyway?..Cold..dark..wet…and than some more cold and dark!  Jeezz …If this goes on much longer I will have to speak to the authorities about this…Maybe we should put it to a vote or something…


By the way..coming soon on this space..fragments from the series ‘Black Books’…which is brilliant! Find it, buy it, download it, steal it from your neighbor!


Here’s a quote to whet your appetite: “Add a dab of lavender to milk, leave town with an orange and pretend to laugh at it.. “

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One Response to Sausage? Sausage?!

  1. Unknown says:

    Hmmm….. leave town with an orange ?Anyway: Thanks for the spacey birthdaycard! 🙂

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