new add-on!

Hey you guys!
New add-on! New category! One I will acctually update every week!
(or so I’ve been telling myself )
This is how it works..
Every week I will post three of the songs that are stuck in my head that week.(old, new, embarrassing or cool..anything I can’t get out of my head).
You will all flock to my space each week to see which songs I have posted there.To listen to them merely click on the link..and be stuck with the same songs as I am! wheehee! Isn’t that fun!?…no?…well …okay….
There will probably be an archive soon to accomodate all songs that were ever linked here as well..but I still have to work out that bit..
anyways..enjoy..or not….
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One Response to new add-on!

  1. Unknown says:

    Yay! Cool! Cant wait to get annoying songs in my head 😛

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