if cartoons could kill… oh wait!..they do

So.. if a bunch of Danish (the people ..not the pastry) decide to express themselves in a creative way, to take some pressure off the whole us-against-them Muslim issue. The Muslim community prove themselves to be a highly civilized people by resorting to violence immediately…


Think logically… if your religion is the only just one..and all others are going to hell anyway..(because Allah closed their eyes to the truth..or so the Koran says..wtf did Allah do that for anyway?). Why on earth take these people seriously? They’re called after a sweetroll for God’s sake! Why pay any attention to their clearly deluded rantings? Chuck(le) at their ignorance and move on!

But no..we need to respond to someone’s little drawing with violence, and lots of it…Sure..that’s the way to go…..making yourself and your religion popular, are you?


Now I am never one to endorse any writings by a man whose bad hair is his best feature, but here’s a link to his website anyway, where the cartoons can be viewed.


 I thought the ‘stop we ran out of virgins!’ was actually pretty funny. But then..I am an unenlightened atheist….oh well….in a world gone mad….I might not be so crazy after all J


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One Response to if cartoons could kill… oh wait!..they do

  1. Unknown says:

    Kijk maar uit voor haatmailtjes. Het haar van Wilders bespotten kan slechte gevolgen hebben.

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