Well….euhm… okay so I messed up with the weekly updating of the music….But it’s not entirely my fault…really! The site I’m getting the music from was down all the time, I swear…oh all right.. I was busy okay?


Doing  what? Well, I got this new batch of animals for the telemetry experiment I was supposed to do..they were 28 days old..really the cutest!..Only I had no idea what exactly the point of the experiment was and nobody was volunteering any information. So I dutifully implanted the temperature-transmitters and hoped for the best. That was actually no mean feat in itself since the transmitters where about half the size of the animal (!!). The following days I have been trying to install the receiving and data processing equipment. Nothing worked.. no matter what I did. After two days of cursing and pulling out my hair in supervisor comes in and asks ‘did you switch the transmitters on?’ Great…..

Thankfully the transmitters have a magnetic switch which can be flipped by moving a magnet over the animal’s belly…which is kinda weird…you start saying stuff like: ‘could you turn that rat on for me?’ A whole new universe of  jokes really…


Anyways..I’ve added a bunch of stuff to the space..three new songs for the top three..if fact..two new songs and a comedy fragment by Jochem Meijer… Also, a new comic to the cool comics list, Nozzman (here’s that link again:  and the English version of the site: ) It’s the funniest.

And I know the jojo-movie is getting old….I’ll fix as soon as I feel up to wrestling windows movie maker..


So, check out the Top Three Audio and the Music Archive..and the new Crappy Home video Archive. The movies are made with my little Nikon camera, so no sound..but I put them there anyway in case someone wants to see them….


Ok, I’m gonna go play Adventure quest again… Whoops….Did I say that out loud?..Oh well, here’s the link : Don’t blame me if you get hooked

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One Response to Euhm..

  1. Unknown says:

    Ik heb net even de rattenfoto\’s bekeken. Toch zijn het leuke, mooie beestjes, ookal doen ze soms naar tegen elkaar.

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