Hypes and Jazz

You have to hear this :


Absolutely amazing and hilarious for all of you who are, like me getting sick of those hyped songs. My favorite is of course the 2 billion Chinese without a bike. And check out the lyrics..funny! Intelligent!

Things in research land are not so hot. We finally found some significant results. This made my supervisor so happy that I’m thinking of buying him a shirt that says: ‘Significant results are better than Sex’. Unfortunately we don’t know what the hell the effect we found means. So there you go..gotta love science..

Oh well..I’m gonna go. Since my debut last Sunday in ‘de koffer’ café, I’m trying my hand at singing jazz and blues..even writing some lyrics. (happy happy happy)

I already got tons of material…hmmm….the inexplicable significant results blues..?

Doobidobidoo..I got somethin’..and I don’t know what I means…yeah I got somethin’ …don’t know what the hell it means…I’ve been killin’ rats all winter….and all I got was an effect in 5HIAA in the striatum…Padadaaah


Hmm ..well…I guess that still needs some work..

PS: I guess by now , you guys have noticed that the top three is also in the playlist since last week..Wheehee! So now you can scroll ahead through the slly movies and listen to them without having to download them….pretty neat huh….

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One Response to Hypes and Jazz

  1. Unknown says:

    Ik kies altijd eerst het verkeerde linkje om een reactie te schrijven 😦
    Maar goed: Succes met het uitvogelen van de resultaten. En laten we binnenkort weer eens afspreken! 😀

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