Well whatdayaknow… It’s report writing time..and what is Josien doing?

Oh well, give me a break, you know it’s pretty hard being a perfectionist and all…


What?….yes..well…and its pretty hard being a lazy ass as well……



So I already did all the nasty chores in the house..AND  the captions of my Antwerp pictures. .so what else is left? Exactly.


By the way, I was thinking of starting a support group for women during the World Cup. My heart goes out to all those unfortunate women out there whose partner turns into some kind of Neanderthal as soon as the game is on. Yes , ladies..no more attention for us..not even during the commercial breaks.. ..it’s ridiculous!

And I say it’s time we fight back!


Not sure how though.. still have to think about that..


Anyway..until then consider this blog a meeting place for  abandoned women all over Europe…Unite and help me concoct a plan for world domination!!!


Oh..did I say world domination? I meant…you know…just to stop the stupid soccer business and all that....suggestions are welcome!


Oh well, I’m gonna try and get to work..maybe I’ll have some coffee first..yes coffee….coffee is good…..


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4 Responses to Uhm..

  1. Unknown says:

    Op dit soort momenten ben ik erg blij met Eric. Geen voetbalfanaat 🙂

  2. Flora says:

    Je vader houd ook niet van voetbal, ben ook blij met hem

  3. Linda says:

    Lieve schat, je moet er gewoon voor zorgen dat
    je interesanter bent dan het voetbal, geen probleem
    voor jou, lijkt me
    Kus Linda

  4. Flora says:

    Yes, remember to do your chores you sloppy girl !
    scrub and polish! very good!
    Je moeder!!

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