Bob Dylan week!

It’s Bob Dylan week!! Why? Because I say so!

I’ve been listening to my Best of Bob cd and falling in love with him all over again.


I mean… those lyrics, the slurry, unintelligible diction, the complete disregard for metrum, and best of all the lovely off-key singing…. And the man makes it work!


Something to listen for in ‘Don’t think twice, it’s all right’ is the substitution of the word ‘knew’ for the deliberately erroneous ‘knowed’, just to make it rhyme with ‘road’!  Amazing..


And that ‘Just like a woman’-song… Oh! It just has that typical Bob Dylan quality, where you’re not exactly sure what he’s on about, but you relate to it anyway, pretty strongly to..


Anyways, gotta get going…oh yeah….about that support group for women against the World championships…. turns out, it already exists! Good for me, saves me the trouble of setting it up.


Here’s that link:



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One Response to Bob Dylan week!

  1. Julian says:

    Bob Dylan rules (h) if we are talking about the same Dylan and Bob that is.Good times…good times…oh wait u were talking about an artist….my bad, but hey I have to admit those two are a hell of a package and they are not sold seperately if u know what I mean !! 😉 Wait, maybe u don\’t…..anywho back to Bob Dylan and not Bob & Dylan…uhm, he still rules. I have: Don\’t think twice…thumbs up. And I also have Stuck in the middle with you, but I don\’t think it\’s the same Bob Dylan or Bob & Dylan for that matter, I should could them again sometime *-)…Succes Josien, komt goed…ooit :p JOKE sorry sorry in a happy mood and all that 😉 (k)

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