Something about a Leek..

Hey ‘sup?


Okay, I know Bob Dylan kinda lasted more than a week, but I enjoyed it!  Also, I had this huge amount of work from which I could just not tear myself away..


What work?….                                 

Well, my report of course..


You’re asking why it’s not finished even after all this time I’ve been spending behind the computer at the faculty? Errrhm…. I can explain….

Actually, I can’t.


The fact is, it’s 1:30 now and I’ve been working my ass off at my report, finally doing something else besides staring at empty word documents and glancing uncomprehendingly at supposedly amazingly interesting articles.. And NOW I find the time to write, isn’t that absurd?


Anyways, time for some new music. I’ve got ‘The Empire in my Mind” on there. I’ve been blasting that song for some time now, and it’s really speaking to me, again I’m not really sure why.. Also I ran into this GREAT song, well, in fact Erik sent it to me when I wasn’t feeling all splishy splashy….

I’m telling you… this song can cheer up a terminally depressed elephant..


Check this link:


Not sure what exactly is up with the leek though….


(…woman swishing leek…hmmm..(thinking reel hard)…

nope, don’t get it… Hey!, what’s with the leek swishing, lady?!)


Last news… Two of my favorite sisters had their birthday, wheee! …Happy Birthday again!  you know who you are…. Also, I got lost in Beijum (seriously, if you want to keep a shred of your sanity..never…ever go there, it defies all logical thought and maps…they’re doing it on purpose! Conspiracy!….raagh!!).. Oh and my stupid report still isn’t finished, but that’s not really news is it?


Also, someone is trackbacking to my blogs for some illegal advertising…..very annoying…..stop it you bastards! Or you will  be completely  spiflicated !!



Oh well..

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