Vacation!! Whee!!



Finally! In a frenzied blur of self-neglect, coffee, cheetos, coke (the kind that comes in a bottle) and  hearing the church in my yard go BONG! Twelve times, then one time..two times, three.. falling into a coma and getting up at 7:00….. the first version of my report is finished!!


Why is it I can do next to nothing for weeks and then do this amount of work in three days? Definitely gotta work on that, it is just not a sustainable strategy…


Anyways, I decided that I could take some vacation after I finished the first version and then come back with a fresh and relaxed mind and take that basis to make it into the great report it deserves to be….. At least, that’s the plan….   Hmm… famous last words..


So far I have been canoeing in the Groningen channels, visiting friends, listening to a live Beatles cover concert (which was bloody amazing!!!!) on the Waalkade in Nijmegen and to the Dolfinarium.. and I’ve only had vacation for four days! Pretty good huh? Btw, If you need some zen-relaxation.. go watch the walrusses swim from the underwater observatory.. they’re like these huge, slow, almost alien creatures.. truly amazing to watch..


Well, I’m gonna go back to some heavy duty relaxing… I’ve got some new songs for you.. four because it’s vacation and I won’t be updating as much… enjoy!

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2 Responses to Vacation!! Whee!!

  1. Linda says:

    Dat jij vakantie hebt is natuurlijk heerlijk voor je, maar wel wat minder voor mij.
    Ik mis je heel erg en kan nu niet meer "even" langs lopen!
    Dus wat ik wil voorstellen:
    HAHA nee hoor geniet maar lekker van je vakantie, je hebt het verdient, maar denk af en toe ook nog eens aan mij……
    Dikke Kus

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hartstikke blij voor je. Geniet ervan enneh… ik heb het ook wat minder druk nu, dus mocht je je vervelen….
    liefs van Bonnie

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