Vacation’s over :(

Yes.. well vacation’s over


Has been in fact for some time over.. Only I was to lazy-ass to update. But this week, things are really starting up.. Starting Thursday I will be taking care of.. hold your breath…. 120 animals! , not even  including all the students I will be supervising..


Did I mention I hate the weather? Jeez.. I mean, it’s not so much that It’s raining all the time.. only could it possibly drizzle a little less discouragingly over my window please? It’s enough to make an Otherwise Thoroughly Amused Elephant cry..

This rain! It screwed up my favorite festival Noorderzon and keeps getting pretty much every outfit I think up soggy and smelly.. And I have two pairs of pants, people.. What am I to do when one is in the laundry and one is soaking wet?!

It’s not fair..


Music for this update is a mix of what I’ve been listening to during the vacation plus a little bonus song as a tribute to my mom ‘She loves me like a rock’ by Paul Simon. Apparently, according to Mister Simon we have greatly underestimated a rock’s capacity to love.


Oh well, you live you learn..


And PS: If you want to have fun while you’re supposed to be working, click this link for some head-butting, footballing fun!

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2 Responses to Vacation’s over :(

  1. Unknown says:

    Succes met al die beesten en met het weer!

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