Baby I’m running on faith….

Well, yoghurt mostly in fact.. with the quantity of dairy I’m eating these days it’s amazing the cows haven’t revolted. But enough about cows..

It’s interesting how my eating patterns change with the amount of stress I’m under.

This week for instance.. Well, it started out with my house-mate, well the guy who shares the apartment with me, having his gf over like half a week.  Not only does this mean that the kitchen has been uninhabitable for that time but much worse are…. the sounds! Aaargh the horror! And they didn’t even invite me to join them… selfish bastards.. oh well

And to make matters worse, my house-mate and his gf thought is was a good idea to put my cd player on their oven. This ended in massive melting on the part of the cd player and massive powerless fury on mine. Argh! Humbug! Angriness!

That same weekend I got the call.. I’m moving back into my old house! And pretty soon too… the 29th in fact. This, instead of bringing a massive relief of finally having a place to live gave me a huge panic rush.  You know, people don’t understand what it’s like to be me, unexpectedly getting worked up over practically anything, it’s annoying as hell..

Well, perhaps hell is slightly more annoying, not a lot though..

But I’m getting out of there at last, whoohoo and such.  This week will be devoted to the archeological recovering of the house from under the amassed clutter and after that I’m rearranging the furniture and moving in! Finally I will be able to walk around naked again without the risk of being sued for causing heart-failure  Yay! More updates on this shortly..

Well.. maybe not shortly.. but at least some time after this .. euh.. .. oh well..

PS: I fixed the music..  you can actually hear it this time..

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One Response to Urgh!

  1. Unknown says:

    Yay! Eigen huis! Succes met de herovering op de muizen.

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