For unto us..

Fooooooor unto us a rat is born!

For unto us.. a rat is given

For unto us..  etc


Behold the new addition to my household.. (she said, carefully avoiding the subject of the extended period of unblogfullness)

A short update: I moved.. well was moved by Linda.. in any case it was very moving.. J  Excavated my house from the rubble and befriended (and then exterminated) the various organisms living in the kitchen.

And now I am living there quite comfortably, slowly removing and cleaning away the last bits in the ‘misc’ category. I found out that I have this pressing need for storage-facilitating furniture. Up until now, I’ve always had a storage system pretty much based on the philosophy: ‘if the item does not instantly fall down, the chosen spot is a good place to put it’ . Which unavoidably ends in overcrowded tables, dangerously high stacked.. well stacks.. of stuff all over the place.. oh yeah and closets which end up being labeled: “do not open, we are not responsible for stuff falling on your head”.

Anyways, I am sort of settled in now and I have these three pets. It’s a foster-mom and two daughters. I haven’t really got names for them yet, but I guess it’ll come to me as they get older..

Oh well.. guess I’ll see you all at the housewarming party on Saturday.. of course all your partners and other appendages are very welcome..

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One Response to For unto us..

  1. Unknown says:

    Aaawww… Wat klein en lief! Ik zie het al: Pino niet meenemen, anders zit ze de hele avon met haar neus op de ratten.

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