My babies..

So there they are.. my babies
And my do they grow.. a week ago they could fit in my hand and spent most of their time sleeping and being nursed.. Now look at them..
Gosh I juist can’t get over how cute they are..
And I’m gonna have to leave them for three whole weeks soon..
Yep, That’s right.. I’m a going home, well home.. my parents anyway
Sitting under palmtrees.. by the pool.. spending Christmas on the beach..
But before all that I need to…. let’s see, well there’s a list
1. Finish grading the 42 (!) reports from the course I helped teach
    (42.. am I a nerd for finding that spooky?..)
2. Finish my own report
    (sure like that’s ging to happen..)
3. Deal with the surprise Ciska layed on me..
     (WTF?? When did she get pregnant of 5 pups??)
4. Write Christmas cards
5. Get house vacation clean
6. Pack suitcase
7. Ohw wait! BUY a suitcase first
8. Bunch of other stuff I haven’t thought of yet but will probably come up exactly the last minute when I’m already freaking out and having my period.
Anyways..  Updates with lovely tropical scenes can be expected..
… me? stressed out?  what makes you say that?.. oh well..
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One Response to My babies..

  1. Linda says:

    WOOOW!!! Wat zijn ze groot geworden.
    Maar vooral heel schattig…

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