A quick word from all of us here in sunny Aruba dushi tera..
We are enjoying ourselves immensly.. Kors has started on a PADI open water  course and he’s doing great!
And I’m reconnecting to my roots and basking in the over abundant sunlight.. aah wonderfull..

Btw..  getting here was no picknick. For one.. of course I packed my old suitcase.. and when I wasall ready to go and rolling along to the station.. well,I wasn’t rolling.. Turns out.. a wheel was missing and of course I don’t notice untill the last minute..  So there  I went.. swearing horribly and forgoing all traffic rules.. into town.. on my bike..buying a hugely PINK suitcase on sale and hurrying (again swearing and such) back to repack..  oh well.. after multiple delays by train and plane we ended up on Aruba Reina Beatrix airport.. and there they were..

Well weren’t actually..

Due to the magnificent communication me and my family have become famous for, my parents were under the firm impression that we weren’t supposed to be there for another two days!! Oh well.. it all turned out fine in the end.. We had baskets with champagne and sunblock waiting for us in our room. And….                                                                  Vast amounts of booze in the liquorcabinet..

I think we’ll be just fine..

Enjoy the short picture-impression of our stay until now and see you all soon!!!

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2 Responses to Aruba!!!

  1. Linda says:

    ohh Sien
    heerlijk zeg al die zon.
    En zuslief is er ook zag ik op de foto.
    Gezellig toch……..
    Geniet er maar van samen met je man.
    Je hebt het echt verdient.
    Groeten Linda, drupje en dropje

  2. Unknown says:

    Heel veel plezier daar en als je terug bent moeten we weer eens wat afspreken! 🙂

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