The Skirt

I bought a skirt!!


Euh.. yes well, yes I’m back from Aruba. It was fun, I had my very own rental car at one point (buuh.. me miss my soulless motorized vehicle) Long story short.. was hot is cold now.. beh me hate cold. Pictures to be uploaded shortly. Oh and I have a Tan! I have decided to Maintain this so called Tan with a body lotion containing a sort of tan-in-a-can chemical, but the sort that does it gradually, not turns you a bright orange overnight. I have been fighting all my boeh-it’s a cosmetic-Josien-like urges every night to be able to apply this lotion and it turns out.. It’s way less nasty and inconvenient as expected! It’s actually kinda nice.. Gosh I might turn into a proper woman next..


Which, incidentally might have happened, since I Bought a Skirt, two in fact..

And not just any skirt, a skirt from That One Store. The one that I keep walking by thinking: “those clothes aren’t for me, they’re for other people, you know, the ones that look good” And then I seen people walking in the street wearing them and I think: “See, that’s them, the Other people, wearing Those clothes, I was Right” .

I really couldn’t believe myself when I boldly went, well..  where pretty much everybody else has gone before me and plucked a couple of skirts from the rack.Well I knew I wasn’t goning to fit into a XS  and that S was probably also out of my league, but an M wouldn’t be too much to ask would it? Well, it was. Damn skirt to absurdly thin people selling store!


I got into the XL, comfortably that is..

It’s not fair.. I swear I’m picking out the labels of those as soon as I can. Until then.. I’ll walk around in one of Those skirts, looking damn good, even if it is an XL..




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2 Responses to The Skirt

  1. Margriet says:

    Hey dushi!
    It\’s true, we do have an ubercool mom. But that picture that you, my ubercool sister, took of our ubercool mom is actually a picture of me, your ubercool sister..

  2. Unknown says:

    Nu ben ik erg nieuwsgierig naar die rok.

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