100% Rams.. Yay!

Whoohoo! I got the 100% Ramsay cookbook! Yay and such!

It is reeeli cool. It had complete menus in it and a sort of schedule you can use to have all the dishes ready at the appropriate time, which is always the biggest challenge to me.. I end up having dessert and starters ready at the same time and then the main course sometime the next day… 

Also, I have started on a lovely little thing called Biostatistics, which means I learn all sorts of lovely things which, at the lecture,  I comprehend to a very deep philosophical level  and then completely forget what it  is, what to do with it or what my name is..

It’s really sad, I spend my mornings in the lecture-room fighting for wakefulness and then my afternoons behind a computer-program called STATISTICA fighting for a shred of comprehension. Thankfully, trough it all I have my trusty practicals-partner Ellen there to share in the plentiful amounts of incomprehension and despair, punctuated by terminally short moments brightness which help us through the day.


As for me turning into a proper woman.. I’m lucky if I get my clothes on the right way round and to avoid freezing to death in the stone cold lecture room my outfits are assembled for warmth, not femininity… or color scheme for that matter..


On a brighter note.. my girls are doing great. We’re training them to sit on our shoulder..  And we have pictures to show how that comes along.


Oh! And I’m on Hyves.. finally, I gavce in to the incessant invitations and I must say.. it is actually kind of fun.. I have joined the hyves of all my old schools and a discworld, a black books and even an OOTS hyve.

Wow.. is the internet cool or what…

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