I yelled at the Greenpeacegirl..

 I yelled at the Greenpeace-girl..

But hey.. it was raining.. And we had just given up on an impossible biostatistics-assignment.. I was having my period.. Suffice to say it was a Bad Day… the kind that would not only be eligible for the Mister Bad Day competition.. but pretty much guaranteed to win.. That kind of day.


And I’m standing there, dripping rain from my face, locking my bike, and she comes up to me.. “Excuse me, how do you feel about Greenpeace?”.  I got up slowly.. “oh lady.. you picked the wrong person to ask..” So I explained to her, in careful detail how much I hated Greenpeace and why. It was cruel, it was just her job.. and I don’t even hate Greenpeace that much.. I just think their protest against genetic modification was hypocritical, since they admitted doing that solely for their image..

That girl got away from me as fast as she could…



oh well


In completely unrelated news.. I made quesillo!  Myself! Very much un-josien-like I forgot to put in the booze, but it still turned out fine! I am so amazed.. I am never any good at deserts or pastry, I’m the kind of person that can screw up a just-put-it-in-the-oven-and-bake pound cake, and that takes skill.. But this worked, wheeee!

Oh well, pictures are below.. and wish me luck on my stupid biostatistics exam next Friday..

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