Well, first of all I’d like to react to the amazing amount of comments I’ve had to my last blog. All of a sudden everyone I know is completely at one with the Universe, telling me things like: When your body is trying to Tell you Something, you should Listen… the Universe has Other Plans with you.. You Can’t always be in Control.. etc etc.

I know that! I just happened to be pissed off about it..  

Anyways, the Visiting of the parents was actually quite enjoyable and since I’ve taken the message of : ‘shut up and accept your life’   things have been improving, at least in terms of my health. Also, the sun has started to come out, which always has a massive positive impact on me..

Also, I’ve been contemplating the fact that in this week a year ago that my life changed in a way I could never have suspected.

The funny thing is.. it’s kinda like that movie, sliding doors.. It’s been a year… and I’m sort of in the same place.. I mean, I still haven’t handed in my report, I’m still assisting at the faculty, still wondering what to do with my life. And at the same time it’s completely different, in so many ways…  Weird as hell, and as I mentioned earlier.. hell is supposed to be pretty weird..

Anyways.. Short update: my report isn’t finished yet (but what else is new, right?), I’m cutting up rats again next month, and teaching some other stuff to Life Science students that are flooding my beautiful faculty again… And I’m learning to meditate.. sort of.. from my Master-of-the-Universe friend Erik. This in the spirit of the world being mostly perception and thus by changing your perception you can effectively change your world… Deep huh?  I could be Confucius if I didn’t keep bumping into things…

oh well..

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