Confucius say:

If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no-one around to hear it.. does it still make a sound?

Don’t be stupid, of course it does

In completely unrelated news: I went to the, well I guess you could call it a business-fair. There where a bunch of people in suits with pens and posh boxes of mints with their companies’ name on it looking kinda bewildered at the little note saying ‘Biology’ pinned to my casual shirt.
‘…Biology?..’ and one suit would questioningly at the other one, and then sort of frightened, back at me.. well us, there were a bunch of us there..

By the way, who ever needed a posh box of mints? Who thinks of these things? I’m not sure Jesus had the right idea with the doling out fish to business relations, but hey, at least a fish is useful. There was one company that handed out playing cards.. which is way better than mints. But if you really want to stand out, hand out kegs of beer with your name on it! I’d remember that..

Anyway it was kinda funny seeing all the business and pharmacy students all dressed up and nervous, and then we would come in wearing whatever was lying next to the bed that morning, yawning too.. And most of the businesses there would end up telling us that we could work for them, but we would not be doing anything even remotely related to biology.. Sure, I just studied for about 5 years (in my case more like 7) pretty much all the time, but hey, I’ll just work in accounting from now on..

I swear those were the offers I got. Oh and I got a toy cow, which was nice.

Ooh toy cow.. mooooeh, it’s so cute..

On a more philosophical note; I’ve been buying tea and thinking about perception some more (not necessarily in that order). Also, I have done my taxes! All by myself!, all the hard administrathingy stuff with asking the people for documents and everything.. It’s amazing..  I have mastered my taxes, muhahahah!

I should really get to finishing that report..

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