About going out..

As I have already mentioned in the previous blog, I have, as they call it, been Out. Going Out apparently consists of going to various places stuffed with people to see whether these places are ‘fun’, which very often are decided not to be, after which a Leaving takes place. This doesn’t cease to baffle me. How does one asses the ‘fun-ness’ of an establishment so quickly and accurately?

In my opinion, fun would be a place where one could uphold something of a conversation, where one is able to dance without repetitively colliding with fellow patrons and where the music consists of more than two chords and three words. Oh and preferably without to much shootings and such..

From my experiences with going out with friends who do know what this alleged fun is supposed to look like I gather that I am utterly mistaken. A fun place is filled with people, yet not too full. And these people apparently have to have a certain quality as well, which is extremely confusing for a layman like me..

Finally we ended up dancing in the &zo, which was not only considered to be ‘fun’, but was also awarded the elusive description of ‘hip’. Which I enjoyed a lot, finally being allowed to dance and drink beer, which are two of my three favorite things to do. Still, I will probably never truly understand the many mysteries of going Out, that and what that stuff is sticking to the floor under my couch..

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