Don’t know much about History.. don’t know much of Histology

Here’s a thought: Stop watching tv!

That’s what I’m doing.. apart from sitting behind a screen and typing, which is something completely different to watching tv in many ways…

Am I typing my report?

Of course not, that would be useful.

This past week things have been interesting again.. First of all, our very own Edwin has gone on to greener pastures.
Well.. Canada. (Actually I’m not sure about the pastures there..) And we miss him dearly.. Fortunately for us.. he has been keeping a blog , to provisionally cater to our daily Edwin-needs..

Furthermore I’ve been buying tea again at that little store and am now the proud owner of yet another elaborate set of exotic teas (I couldn’t help it! the little old man was so friendly and I’m such a sucker for foodstuffs). Pretty soon my house will be taken over by militant cans and boxes of tea demanding an end to this madness.

But enough about tea and pagan Edwin-worship.. The details of my week: I was astounded today by learning that histology is in fact not the medieval torture that I remembered it to be. I have actually started to believe that I might be able to do it. Which is good, since I’m teaching the bloody course in about two weeks..  And if that’s not enough of a challenge, I am also singing at the presentation of our jazz class in two weeks. And not just regular singing either.. Improvised scatting..  Yes folks, I’ll be going booh bah boh bop or something or other ‘till the cows come home (or ‘till the crowd goes home, which is far more likely..  Because, let’s face it ; do cows ever really come home?).

Other details include the usual cutting up of rats, my Going Out to an actual club, (which is highly irregular for me, but loads of fun), a Failure to wear my Skirt at Several Occasions and the Amazing Meeting of The Guy Who Used To Live Across From My House (Thomas for short.. this is his blog:, which was, as I said, pretty amazing and will probably be commented on at a later time.. Oh yeah and my dishes which have been trying to promote themselves to a full-blown Issue. In fact I’d better start doing them before civilizations start rising in there..

Soon, I tell thee, there will be more of the thing that they call blogging!

I think.. well…I hope… I mean.. I guess…

You know.. when I have the time..

Oh well..

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