I’m the Easter Dude!

I’m celebrating Easter full-out this year.. Not sure when I decided that or why, but all of a sudden I had this huge complicated menu ready and decoration ideas, and.. err.. I found myself hiding Easter eggs…

I guess I wanted sort of a party just for myself in my own house or something.. Weird.. Anyways.. does anyone else think it’s a little weird to get rack of lamb from the butchers in a time when you can see the fuzzy little things frolicking in the fields? Or is it actually appropriate since it is Easter after all, the time of the Lamb and such… It was sort of funny though, the day I ordered the little lambs ribs at the butchers my little sister called me to say she had returned from England where she had.. er.. helped my Easter dinner into the world (see pictures). Hmm aaakward..

Another striking, though less meat-related coincidence was when I was walking past an old bookshop with boxes in front of it full of, well, full of old books. I picked up a random book without a cover. It turned out to be a guide to the mattheus passion, the chorales my mom used to play to us every Easter. All the stuff she used to tell us about the music and the lyrics.. it was in this book! Pretty freaky, but really great!

Oh well.. I’m gonna try to accommodate the insane amount of flowers I have apparently bought in my very limited collection of vases.. wish me luck! Happy Easter everyone!

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