Me finish the report thingy!!

It’s about 1:30 in the night.. well what other time would it be?

Today, well.. technically yesterday, I gave my presentation to end my internship. It was kinda fun, in a knotted bowel nerve-wracking sort of way. There were actually people there at the presentation! Important people with beards and everything! And I actually knew the answers to the questions I was asked!

And it wasn’t even embarrassing.. well except for the part where I got a bit carried away and tried to imitate a fighting wistar rat…

So at the end of the presentation my supervisor comes up to me and says: “That was great, you have a gift for teaching and by the way, when are you handing in your report?” What?? I felt my face turn a unusual color. And the man just smiles at me and goes: “You know, nothing big, just go over it again, see if you can live with it” Which is mean, because he knows I can’t live with the damn report being the way it is!  
Which sort of brings us here.. behind my computer at 1:30 again. And I started as soon as I got home, mind you..

Oh well.. Tomorrow I’m starting on the next project with the only bearded man I ever wanted to be, Jaap Koolhaas. It’s a short literature study on the link between the immune system and depression, which kind of combines the two internships I’ve done in the past few.. err..  .. well.. years. And I’ve already started on the literature which is nothing short of brain-explodingly cool, but you’ll hear about that soon enough..

First.. I’m off to bed.. if I can still find it. And tomorrow another day of electrocuting students for money (also something I’ll explain later)..  and then Thursday, I’m going to Brussels!! Wheehee and such..Oh, the weather forecast is says it’ll rain just like last year..  

Oh well..

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One Response to UUURGH

  1. Linda says:

    Je presentatie was geweldig!
    Vooral de wave van je fans maakte het net ff af ; )
    Veel plezier in Brussel!

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