Procrastination, and celebration..

Yes ladies and gentlemen and here I am again when I should be doing something else!

It’s the weekend and my pretty boyfriend has this volleyball thingy (sports! Puh!) and I have.. well, my colloquium to work on of course! So we decided to spend the weekend apart.

Which has so far resulted in my sleeping very very late and getting a pathetic smidgen of work done  and Kors.. Well I guess he’s enjoying himself.. meh

Thing is, I reeeeealy need to get this thing done, because I can’t fail The Beard. I have a meeting with The Awesome Beard on Tuesday, and I really want to make a good impression. It’s just that it’s hard to get real serious work done, like I have to work around this huge dude standing in the middle of my head wearing a tall hat blocking the view ahead. So I keep thinking of small distractions and try to sneak some quick typing past him.  

Which results in some very strange methods on my side. Like locking myself in, having the tv on but muted, so I can’t really hear or see it (but maybe the dude can), talking to myself out loud, playing jazz  music just on the point of not exactly being able to hear it.. oh yeah and leaving my computer on overnight with all my colloquium files open.. Not sure why I did that..  maybe I had the illusion that I’d get up early in the morning and get right to work, or maybe I was just hoping the pixies would come in and do it for me..

Oh well..

Back to work..

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