Taking the wheel

Rollend met de ogen So what have I been doing the last few.. what’s it been? Months?


Oh well.. anyway, I did my colloquium for The Awesome Beard, which would have been brilliant provided the aforementioned Beard had actually been There.


Which he Wasn’t.


Oh well, bygones..

In the mean time I have been turning my life around. Well, maybe not really around, but a lot has changed. I have had a summer job at a place my dad used to work at, been in Spain for a week celebrating my granddad’s birthday, drinking wine by the Rhine, applying for jobs and… learning to drive.. again


Yep.. I’m stickshifting my way towards automotive bliss! Auto Who’d have thought..

I guess what this summer has really been about is facing fears, which reminds me. I downloaded several exercise video’s as well AND bought skin care products..


What’s happening to me?


I was going to write a blog at the beginning of the summer that started with the notion that I was waking up screaming a lot those days, and I was wondering where it came from. Turns out I was scared of a bunch of things, like graduating and having to get a job, facing the world with me being the only person there to advise and decide for me.. The responsibility, making life-altering decisions and whatnot..Verward


And you know what? It is actually not that hard. It’s like deciding what to eat for dinner. You have to look at the possibilities and maybe some pros and cons, then you have to do some preparation, and eventually you’re gonna have to eat it. But you really don’t have to force yourself to eat all of it, and if it’s really disgusting you can always order pizza or whip up something else real quick.


Nifty metaphor huh? Knipoogje But it’s true!


Anyway.. Just remember: Coming soon to a highway near you; me!

I’ll be the one driving and insanely happy.. 

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One Response to Taking the wheel

  1. Edwin says:

    You go girl.

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