Find the fun..

In every job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun…
‘Snap!’, the job’s a game..
As most of you know, I’ve started working on a thesis in Nijmegen. I’m being supervised by my future employer, which is a bit scary.In fact everything about it is scary. You know what I’m like with new people, new surroundings, new.. well just about everything is bloody new!..
I’m staying with Kors, which means I don’t get to walk around naked whenever I want, unless I want to freak out his house-mates. It doesn’t seem like much but my naked privileges being impaired is very unsettling to me. Also, I don’t have free access or my usual totalitarian control over the kitchen. And, erm.. I’m afraid of taking a shower there.. I mean, it’s up the stairs and everything, and I’m kinda scared I forget which door it is and end up in someone’s room wearing nothing but a towel..
And I’m supposed to be writing again. Writing about something you never heard of before is pretty hard, but having to read scientific literature about it is even harder. I keep trying to find a common denominator, a pattern, something to give me some grip on the subject! It’s coming, but it’s coming slowly, which makes me impatient and frustrated and.. ah writing and its’ many charms..
But I found a little hook to get my metaphorical finger round.. A philosophical take on the subject. Something about the speed of thought being much slower than we think (think..hah!). And I suppose that’s where the fun is Mary Poppins is on about in that song..  
Perhaps there’s hope for me yet.. oh well
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