I have done the impossible!

I have found the mythical activity that is My Kind Of Sports.

Well, my kind of sports generally involves  scuba diving, horseback riding or something á deux between the sheets. But since none of those helped me lose weight this is the next best thing..


Yes, you heard right. And no, it’s not just old ladies in weird bathcaps.
There are a couple of great things about it.
1.  It’s in the water. I love being in the water, you can do practically anything to me as long as it’s in the water (except maybe drown me.. but I’m not sure).
2.  I don’t get sweaty or smelly and it is less taxing on my joints, who are usually first to complain.

But the very best thing is that, since it is in the water, I don’t wear my glasses!  This means I don’t see the other girls being skinnier or better at the exercises.  I can focus only on what I can see (which is, at best, my legs) and just give it all I got. Oh and I don’t need to buy special shoes..

Don’t get me started on this whole ‘special gym shoes’  thing..

Since I still need a second activity, I’m trying out new stuff.  And I’m almost late for my ‘Body fit’ class.  Whatever that is..

Wish me luck, I really need it this time.. I’m taking my regular shoes!

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