Blogging again!!

So I decided to start blogging again.

Well I already decided it some time ago..  but you know how it is..

One of the most important reasons to start blogging again is the fact that I have finally started on my weight loss plan and wanted to keep track of it. And maybe.. if I blog about it once or twice a week, it’ll keep me focused even more.

Lots of really sweet people have told me that I do not need to lose weight but the pictures of myself in bikini at recent vacations lead me to a different conclusion.

I am growing a Christmas tree on my back!

(No, not the green leafy kind, but the blobs of fat and skin rolling over each other on my back would look really good with some lights and fancy decorations if you catch my drift..)

Also I got sick and tired of growing out of my clothes, popping buttons dismembering innocent bystanders, and just feeling like crap about my body when I looked in the mirror.
I walked around with that sentiment for some time, but the real breakthrough came when I saw my friend Carien at a friends’ party. I had not seen her for some time and she looked amazing! And I know she shares my hatred for sports and my love of good food. She told me she had stopped taking seconds at dinner and had started taking walks. She looked so great and so much happier than she used to be, I wanted that too! And I thought maybe.. just maybe..  if she can do it..

So here we go.. eat less,  exercise more!

wish me luck..

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