Lady in red.. :S

Well, that wasn’t as bad as I imagined it..

I did not get reprimanded on my footware, which was good.  Of course I was the only one who didn’t know to bring a towel. Jeez.. you’d think it would be mentioned on the site.  
But nooo.. we’re all into this trial and error thing..

And why, why did I choose to buy a RED trainingsuit? Why did I think it would be classy and bold to have a red suit?? They look like pyamas! Everybody looks like they do this every day. They have a towel and a casually arranged great looking outfit. And there I am in my pyamas,  guiltily wearing my regular street-shoes when special sports-shoes are required.
 Seriously.. what memo did I miss??

I could do most of the exercises though. They were pretty heavy and I didn’t manage to do all the repeats, but I kept reminding myself that one is better than none and sort of got through.
I already signed up for this same course next Wednesday.. urgh

There is this Dutch children’s rhyme about a brave knight who fights dragons by day, but is afraid of the dark. He sits trembling in his bed at night, and to calm himself, tries to recount which heroic deeds he had done that day.  I do that for myself sometimes at the end of my day. When I am in bed thinking I’ve not done so well at life that day, I ask myself:’ what heroic things have I done today?’.

This work-out will definitely be on my list..

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