The Excercisersist

Easier said than done..

Well I knew I wasn’t going to give up eating or drinking the good stuff.
(You know.. cheese, beer, pasta, fries..  the goooood stuff)

So I needed to step up the exercise.

Good thing about that is, that ANY exercise at all will be an improvement, since I really enjoy not exercising at all and try to avoid it at all costs. The bad thing about it is.. well I think I just explained that as well.

So I got myself a sportscard at the University sportscentre with which I can reserve tickets online for various sportsthingies. Then came the hard part: finding something I did not instantly hate so I would be able to do it for a longer period of time without running away crying.

And you’d think that I’m exaggerating.. I ran out of a street-dancing class crying the other day.. (I figured: how hard can it be? I love dancing….   Well, I REALLY sucked at it)

It turns out this sports thing taps into a huge old insecurity I forgot I even had. But, yeah.. getting picked last for teams at school, being laughed at for sucking in individual sports and being screamed at for sucking at team sports.. it all kind of adds up.

Still.. I am taking walks in the lovely countryside surrounding Ubbergen.. so all is not lost.

Also my craving for potato chips went drastically down somehow.. hurray!

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