Boobs on my face

And another
thing that is not fair.  
Whenever I gain weight, my face is the first place it hits. I get a big flabby
face with multiple chins.


Then in the unlikely event that I do lose weight, the first place I lose volume
is my boobs! That  means that through all my years of losing and
gaining weight, most of my boobs must have ended up on my face. You’d think that would
make me attractive..

Anyway.. I’ve
been reading these great columns by Scott Q. Marcus. He has been battling with
his weight since childhood, and has used the experience to become a motivational
speaker for people who seek self betterment in any shape or form. I admit it
sounds a bit silly, but his columns are actually quite funny and insightful. ‘Striving for imperfection’ he calls it, and
that kind of strikes a chord with me. I tend to be a little all-or-nothing
minded, which means I end up not doing a whole lot of things because I can’t be
perfect at it.
Oh well.. if you’re looking for inspiration.. give it a shot at :

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