I’m feeling
muscles I never even knew I had before! Which is actually kind of nice. You
know, the feeling that somewhere underneath all that flab you DO have a sixpack.
Ok, you know because they hurt.. a lot.. but nevertheless.

(That makes
me think of my mom.. When she sings  ‘ Don’t
get around much anymore ’..  wow. I just
remembered she’s visiting next month..yikes!)

Anyway.. I think
did okay at the work out. Still didn’t do all the steps, but I tried to cheer
myself on because I was  there and trying.
Boy , and that’s hard too! With my head being invaded with thoughts like: ‘Gosh..
I look like crap’ and my personal favorite   ‘All
these people are better at this than I am’. Strangely enough it is so much
easier to be nasty to yourself

So that’s
one more to add to the list I suppose:  exercise,
eat  better,  think happy thoughts
All I need is some fairy dust and I’m off to Neverland.

Ahw crap,  that’s being foreclosed.

Oh well..

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