Defying Gravity

‘ I live on
a big round ball, I never do dream I may fall’  
(Jimmy Buffet, ‘Defying Gravity’)


Well, I was
on half a big rubber ball yesterday and,  and let’s just say I didn’t only dream about falling..

It’s called
Bosu and I swear I don’t understand how anyone could have come up with it.  It’s sort of like ‘steps’, you know where you
get to step endlessly on and off a plastic board? Only, instead of the nice,
stable  board you get to step on a rubber
ball. Yay.

While the
point was to get on and off the ball, I’m pretty sure you weren’t supposed to
do it as uncontrolled as I did. I have a lot of experience in falling on my
face off of a great variety of things, and I got to use all of that experience,
because you’re not just standing on a rubber ball.. you’re expected to do all
kinds of complicated choreography.  

Now why this had to take place on a ball is beyond me. Apparently keeping your
balance while doing the steps is supposed to do something for your core muscles,
but the only burn I felt was in my feet. 
They hurt within a record breaking five minutes! And although I have a
long list of thing I want to improve about myself,  more muscular feet are not on there.

So no more Bosu for me, I guess.
Still, although I didn’t do great physically (and I committed the no1 felony of
hitchhikers; forgetting my towel.. again) I was pretty proud of how I handled
it mentally. I didn’t get angry or felt like crying when I couldn’t do the
steps or fell down. I even laughed once!  Maybe it helped that my outfit resembled that
of most people there (black pants, red shirt), but yeah maybe I am getting
better at this stuff..

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